Program Science Hack Day Eindhoven May 29th – 30th 2021

Here is Where the Journey Will Take You….

May 29th

10:00 Welcome & Introduction
10:15 Team Building & Project Selection in MIRO
11:00 Team & Project Definition
11:05 Group Time
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Group Time
14:30 1 Minute Pitch
15:00 Group Time
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Lightning Talk
19:15 Fun Team Quiz 
20:00  Hard Core Hacking

May 30th

10:00 Welcome
10:15 Group Time
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Group Time
15:30 Deadline for Uploads
16:00 Demonstration & Presentation of Final Product of All Teams
17:00 Keynote Speaker Video
17:00 Jury Deliberation
17:15 Winner Announcement
17:30 Winning Team Award Ceremony
18:00 Shut Down & Rest

What Will You Be Doing Specifically?

Prior to the start date everyone will receive:
✓ Your Welcome Packet Delivered, filled with goodies from our Sponsors.
✓ a ZOOM Link to be logged in to 5 minutes prior to the event starting and a link to the Science Hack Day Eindhoven page that will have available resources, a help desk button in case you need some assistance and other relevant information. Also, a MIRO link to for you to practice prior to the event.

1st Day Event:
Each person will start on May 29th in ZOOM for a 15-minute Welcome session immediately following each person will log in to the central MIRO board.
✓ For 2 hours and 45 minutes contestants will go to MIRO board, and propose a project in one of the areas or join a project to form a group. Then within themselves discuss each of the team projects. Therefore, after the welcome each contestant will join with the provided MIRO Link and:
1. Go to MIRO
2. Propose a Project
3. Join a Project
4. Discuss how to proceed with the proposed project
5. Go to the Team MIRO Board or whichever platform your team wants to use
✓ Lunch for 1 hour, but of course you can work through it if you choose or get some fresh air.
✓ After lunch for the next 15 minutes each group will present their 1-minute pitch in ZOOM. Be creative with your 1-minute pitches and don’t be afraid to utilize any and all tools to execute your vision.
✓ A one-minute pitch should state a few things:
● Describe the problem & try to create rapport
● Offer an objective solution
● Answer the question of why your team’s solution is different than what was done in the past
For this 1- minute pitch each participating contestant will receive the “Concept Open Badge” for your chosen topic.
✓ Next groups will hack on for the next 3.5 hours until dinner. Be sure to check your email for quick fire tasks that will award you additional points at judging and or special badges.
✓ Dinner for 1 hour, but of course you can work through it if you choose or get some fresh air.
✓ After dinner the next 15 minutes everyone will rejoin in ZOOM for a “lightning talk” (a lightning talk is a quick overview of a topic, it will give you a view of the topic but not a lot of detail) The lightning talk is meant to inspire you, spark some thoughts towards the topics.
✓ For the remainder of the evening be prepared for some hardcore hacking!

2nd Day Event:
The second day will begin with a 15-minute welcome stream and then breakout in to teams.
✓ 2 hours working in your group finalizing your hacks and building your presentations.
✓ Lunch for 1 hour, but of course you can work through it if you choose or get some fresh air.
✓ Finally, the next 2.5 hours will be more crunch time while the end nears building and finishing your presentations devoted to uploading your final product. There is a maximum of 10-minute presentation time. Final product may be delivered in several ways:
o Pre-recorded Video upload
o Via ZOOM
o Through a website you have made
For this final upload each participating contestant will receive the “Explorer Open Badge” for you chosen topic.
✓ At 17:00 there will be a Keynote Speaker Presentation via ZOOM as well as the Jury Deliberation
✓ The final 1 hour will be winner announcement ceremony and shut down
For this final completion of the competition each participating contestant will receive a “Master Open Badge” for completing the Science Hack Day Eindhoven Event!